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Recovering the high value of wool as a raw material.

We are a company engaged in the recovery of the high value of wool as a raw material.

Our first challenge has been to produce a yarn that comes entirely from native Spanish merino sheep of the highest quality, completely traceable and with a territorial seal.

Since our very beginning, we have chosen wool as the raw material for our textile work, by virtue of its excellent natural properties.

Our wool comes from sheep bred in an extensive and nomadic livestock farming system, which implies a respectful care of animals, a happier life, a greater freedom and major benefits for the conservation of nature and our biodiversity. Our production has a seal that certifies that it comes entirely from native Spanish merino sheep.

In addition, in the case of the black merino sheep, we offer you a product that has an ecological certificate for the pastures of the sheep and which comes from an animal considered an endangered species by the national system of livestock breeds (ARCA) of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

We work carefully in each phase of the generation and processing of this valuable material.

dLana is formed by a multidisciplinary team with great abilities in a wide variety of fields, from marketing and finance to environmental sustainability and the factors that bind it intimately to fashion, as well as design and research in the history of traditions and trades.

Our fields of action, recovery and conservation are:

* Extensive and nomadic livestock breeding.
* Wool-processing industries in the Iberian Peninsula.
* Craftsmen.
* Textile design.
* Cultural and historical heritage.
* National and international commercialization.

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